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Summary of Responses to Georgian Trail Survey

The Georgian Cycle & Ski Trial Association sent out a Mailchimp survey to subscribers on October 24, 2020, asking for feedback on the condition of the Trail. We received 82 responses from a total of 283 subscribers (a response rate of 29%). 78% indicated their satisfaction with the surfacing of the Trail. Subscribers were asked what parts of the Trail would benefit from widening, and why? Most respondents indicated satisfaction with the width of the Trail.


We received the following suggestions for widening, focused on areas
where there is the most traffic:
  • Thornbury West: 6 comments
  • Lora Bay: 2 comments
  • Thornbury East and Georgian Peaks: 3 comments
  • Macdonald's Furniture to Harbour in Meaford: 1 comment

Respondents were asked if there were any other Trail improvements required. By far the most comments received (nine) suggested improved signage to remind cyclists to stop at intersections and slow down/share the trail with walkers. A few additional comments referred to specific sections of the Trail needing better signage, such as the rerouted section in Meaford. Three respondents mentioned problems with poop-and-scoop. One respondent said that the garbage problem has improved since the installation of trash cans (in the Town of the Blue Mountains) but more are needed. There were three comments about the dangerous crossing at Highway 26. Lighting was mentioned three times, with two people calling for lighted sections of the Trail and one concerned about light pollution.  One person suggested more benches and another mentioned replacing the older benches.

A final question asked if there were any suggestions for improvement to the newsletter, trail map or website. We received many positive comments and a few suggestions, such as phone app, a printed newsletter, a donation boxes.

GC&STA will be acting on the results of the survey and more information will be included in the Spring Newsletter. Thank you to all respondents for this valued input!


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